About Bowman Ales

Such a lot has happened since we started brewing in the December of 2006 it's difficult to know where to begin.

Without doubt a good place to start, is to reiterate our enduring thanks to all the people that helped us set up the brewery here in Droxford. So to all of you that supplied their expertise, manpower, advice, pieces of plant and equipment and in one case, finance, we give you a hearty and heartfelt "THANK YOU!".

In the intervening years, like Topsy, we've growed and growed. It was a bit of a shock to receive the figures for 2008/9, to discover that sales had increased by 50%. I knew we were busy but not that bloody busy! With that of course comes added problems with production, so we pretty soon had to buy two more conditioning vessels and a fourth fermentation vessel called Nigel.

Having been told on numerous occasions, by one person in particular, that there's no market for bottled beer, we've found that there is. Four of our beers, Wallops Wood, Quiver Bitter, Warbler and Nutz, are bottled for us by Oakleaf Brewery and have proved an enormous success. One day we might have our own bottling plant.

I think the biggest difference from the early days is that we've employed people and a very fine bunch they are too. There's Luke our drayman and general factotum who really does work his socks off. So if anyone would care to donate to Luke's sock fund, just send a cheque to the brewery. Then there's Jack. He joined us a few days short of his eighteenth birthday and by his own admittance, was just a little bit worried about having a "proper" job. He's another fantastic worker and spends most of his days cleaning and filling casks. In the office there's Julia AKA Fuzzy, who doubles as Droxford's famous Lolly Pop Lady. She keeps all the paperwork in good order which is a good thing, because this was a weakness of ours. We also have Stuart, who assists with deliveries and sales. He is small but perfectly formed! The Bowman family is of course completed by Ray and myself.

We've won loads of awards, but I think that the best testament to the quality of our beers is the growing number of people that not only drink it, but actively seek it out!

I started this blurb with a thank you and I feel it fitting to finish with one. So to all of the people that drink our beers, tell other people to drink our beers and educate their families and sometimes their pets to the wonderful beers from Bowman, we say "THANK YOU!".